About the Westlock & District Chamber of Commerce

About Us

The Westlock & District Chamber of Commerce is currently available to assist new members with their business network.

What a Chamber of Commerce can do for you

How Can We Help You?

  • As a small business owner it is imperative that you network. The Chamber of Commerce gives you the opportunity to meet with other local business owners and build relationships. Of course, they also present business owners in a positive light to the community.
  • The Chamber of Commerce is essential to the growth, and in some cases the revitalization, of local economies. Through lobbying activities and grant preparation activities, the Chamber of Commerce can help to find some much needed funding to improve your local community.
  • Being a member of a strong and vibrant Chamber gives added credibility to your business.
Old Westlock AB

Westlock & District Chamber of Commerce

Our Executive Board

Graeme Harrington



Paul Olsen

Vice President

Owner at Westlock Ford

Shakti Allen


Owner at New Leaf Counselling

Bonnie Provencal


Owner at Primerica


Phillip Petkau


Financial Broker at Petkau Financial